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Nubi Neighbor Fall Work Day

Title: Nubi Neighbor Fall Work Day Location: Nubi Neighborhood Description: First annual fall workday for all Nubi neighbors young & old to put our neighborhood to bed for fall and get ready for winter! Stay tuned to vote for your favorite projects. Food, fun, and a little sweat equity too for all ages. Start Time: . . . → Read More: Nubi Neighbor Fall Work Day

otter pond

An active otter found our pond this morning and has spent a long time exploring its depths for food, periodically climbing onto a rock to rest and warm up. In fact, it’s still out there now as I write this, some three hours after Jeff first knocked on our door to tell us he’d spotted . . . → Read More: otter pond

LEED Platinum home

It was pretty awesome to see the news that a unit was certified LEED Platinum, one of only 45 in the country.  It’s been getting cold at night, but we still haven’t had any use for heat.  Just close the windows and the temperature inside is pretty close to the same in the morning as . . . → Read More: LEED Platinum home

back door birding

Had a most excellent morning on Sunday birding just out the back door with a half-dozen neighbors and one visiting professional guide who helped us identify the many lively fall migrants flitting through the trees and underbrush.

We got started about 7:30 near the pond, made our way around the veggie field, and were soon . . . → Read More: back door birding

Farm Squad Meeting

Title: Farm Squad Meeting Location: 100B Steele Road Description: regular meeting Date: October 1, 2008 Start Time: 6:30pm End Time: 8:30pm

Nubi Explorers

Title: Nubi Explorers Location: Dori’s house Description: With so much interest in the river, we will take a river walk. We’ll scout where we could build a dam, look for beavers and otters and their signs. Wear boots or shoes that can get wet, as we might actually walk in the river if conditions allow. . . . → Read More: Nubi Explorers

Farm Squad Meeting

Title: Farm Squad Meeting Description: regular meeting Start Time: 18:30 Date: 2008-09-17 End Time: 20:30

Family Day

Title: Family Day Location: Nubi Description: Fun! Start Time: 2:00pm Date: 2008-09-21

Join us for an afternoon of family activities!

Ongoing Activities

Sidewalk Chalk Pictures Bring your bikes or scooters to pedal or scoot around our car-free pathways. Healthy snacks available Model Open: Drop-in to take a look

Nubi Explorers, 3 p.m. Join . . . → Read More: Family Day

Farm Salon

Title: Farm Salon Location: Amy’s Porch Description: share your vision for the farm Start Time: 02:00 Date: 2008-09-07 End Time: 04:00

owl night, quiet morning

Sometime late last night, I awoke to hear at least two barred owls! This morning I went for another short birding walk, but saw and heard very little. It was overcast and much, much quieter (birdwise) than the last couple mornings.