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Common house opens soon

I don’t know about the rest of you folks, but I’m getting antsy waiting for the common house to open. It’ll be really interesting to see how life here changes, I’m looking forward to that.

A big thanks to the CH team for working hard to organize it and help make it happen.


The bottom seems to have dropped out of my thermometer!

The actual temperature was a balmy -18F – this thermometer seems to be exaggerating…

Ice Storm Report

A bit late with this report…all in all we faired well in the ice storm – only 5 days without power (better than the 2 weeks some people experienced around here), no damage to homes, some damage to trees along the fields (firewood for Common House), spottly damage in woods (a few trails rerouted), and . . . → Read More: Ice Storm Report

Great Fun Ice Hockey

That was great fun playing on the ice everyone!  It is one of the many pleasures I imagined before we moved here.  I look forward to many more (and Jeff getting some skates so I can check him into the snowbank!).  It was cool to see the kids improve at skating in such a short . . . → Read More: Great Fun Ice Hockey

Sunday skating

Skating yesterday afternoon made shoveling off the pond in the morning well worth it. It looked a little rough, but was great once out on the surface. The neighborhood kids were all skating great (or riding in a laundry basket), and there was enough room and people for an impromptu hockey game. We were out . . . → Read More: Sunday skating