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Forest and Trails Work Day

Title: Forest and Trails Work DayLocation: Meet at pondStart Time: 09:00Date: 2009-04-04


A couple evenings ago, Dori called to tell me she’d just heard an American Woodcock (aka “Timberdoodle”) in the neighborhood — she thought maybe it was in the direction of the hayfield. Then tonight as I walked back from dinner in the Common House and was approaching our house, I heard the woodcock’s . . . → Read More: timberdoodle!


March brought some good days for tapping our trees. Dori scouted out appropriate sugar maples, a crew bought the equipment, drilled and set up the buckets.

Sap ran immediately, and soon there was 40 gallons in a brand new trash barrel.

Kids building a fairy house under one of . . . → Read More: Sugaring

energy savings

To prepare for talking with a reporter who was interested to know of any difference we may have seen in our heating and electricity costs after moving into a “green” home, I recently dug up bills from our last home and looked at our energy usage and costs there compared to here.

. . . → Read More: energy savings

fun in Common House

It has been wonderful to have the Common House up and running! Our first community meal there (prepared by the CH team) took place last night and was excellent — delicious, fun, relaxing. Our kids even ate some salad!

Having the Common House has also provided a new place to take our . . . → Read More: fun in Common House