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Sun pushes the clouds out

Rain clouds leaving… at last.

Notice Pumpkin the cow, smiling, in the lower left corner.

Weeding raspberries

Plant, weed, weed, weed, pick. This is weeding

Signs of life

Piggy breakfast

Yogurt and gruel for breakfast this morning, yum, but exhausting… time for a nap.

fair weather and fowl

Thankfully we’ve had some sun returning. There was gorgeous rainbow over the field last week. My photo doesn’t capture how incredible it was in the moment, of course, but maybe you can imagine the drama — rain ending, sun coming out, late evening quiet…. Our farm animal menagerie has continued to expand as some Muscovy . . . → Read More: fair weather and fowl

dogs, kids, horse, bicycles — 4th of July parade!

The town of Peterborough has fireworks but no parade for the 4th of July, so we made our own — complete with animals, costumes, flags, balloons, banners, and a bountiful community barbecue afterward. Here are a few photos from the festivities….

. . . → Read More: dogs, kids, horse, bicycles — 4th of July parade!