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Full house!

The nest boxes are in!!  Thanks to the quick hands of a resident nine year old, all the boxes were immediately occupied!  After the inital excitement, it was fun to watch the ladies brave the 2 x 4 ladder, hop into a box, and wiggle down for a rest.

. . . → Read More: Full house!

camping out (sort of)

A contingent of Nubi kids wanted to go camping together before the new school year brought summer to an end, so some ideas were floated. Most involved traveling some distance, or perhaps venturing across Nubi’s hayfield and pitching tents near the river.

The reality ended up being much simpler and ultimately a lot of fun: . . . → Read More: camping out (sort of)

summertime and the living’s eggy

One of our hens (born in April and nurtured extravagantly into adulthood by the neighborhood Chicken Club) has just laid its first egg! We’re hoping for many more to come. Now, if we can just get nest boxes set up….

(In other intriguing chicken news, we recently learned that one of our hens isn’t . . . → Read More: summertime and the living’s eggy


Thanks to Laura (with help from Carol K and Amy), our new strawberry planting has been settled into a hay mulch for the end of season. Laura has lavished countless hours on getting them well-established.

The first planting of 200 plants is a gift from the garden club to everyone at Nubi. I helped . . . → Read More: strawberries!

summer bounty

In the upper horse pasture, there’s a large compost pile that (I think) was placed up there last fall. This summer it burst forth with an abundance of large sunflowers and gangly squash-type plants. It’s a gorgeous sight to come upon this colorful mound after walking up the hill.

We went exploring up there . . . → Read More: summer bounty