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farm action

There’s been a lot of farm action as we enter the fall season and prepare for next year. Here are some (admittedly small) photos….

an intergenerational effort to prepare the veggie field for next year

tractor work to loosen compacted soil

and doing the biodynamic dance on the veggie field

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Cows come home

Recently we moved our two very pregnant cows, Magnolia and Pumpkin (Maggie’s daughter) down to the farmyard from the upper pasture where they spent their summer.   Strolling down the lane with human “fenceposts” holding electric fence tape (not electrified – but don’t tell the cows!).   Pumpkin’s due date is September 26 and Maggie’s is October 24.  We . . . → Read More: Cows come home

fall birding action

Dori had tipped me off about a lot of bird activity in the alders behind her house, but I hadn’t had time to go look until this morning when I took a half-hour break to scan the edges of some yards and down by the river.

It was incredible. The trees and bushes were practically . . . → Read More: fall birding action