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Happy Birthday!

Lots of neighbors got to watch new twin calves being born on Sunday night. It was an amazing experience, and we’re all glad that Chessie will soon have friends to frolick with!

putting the horse before the cart

We’ve really tried to have a pedestrian neighborhood, and that means no cars beyond the parking areas, but some people like to push the envelope…..

JJ pulls Barbara & Sue on a fall afternoon

fall community workday a success

We had a productive community workday this morning with surprisingly cooperative weather.

Lots was done. Flower beds around transformers, Governor’s House, and Common House are clean of weeds! Daffodils are planted all along stone wall coming into the neighborhood, at Common House entrance, and in lots of surprise locations. Granite has all been moved and . . . → Read More: fall community workday a success

first Nubi calf is born!

Just before 10pm on Sept. 30, Johanna and I heard the most tremendous bellow from across the field outside our window. Turns out it was Pumpkin giving birth to a beautiful heifer calf. By midnight, the little one was walking and nursing. Here’s a slide show of some photos of the calf and her mother . . . → Read More: first Nubi calf is born!