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Family Dance

The first Nubanusit Family dance was held on December 30, 2009. The music was provided by Molly (Fiddle) and Carol H. (Piano) and dances were called by Bonnie. The dancers – young and old – were exuberant!

29 December, 2009, 7ºF, a cold and blustery day

Look at the snow blowing off the barn and garage roofs.

We are using only four out of six heating boilers and it is warm inside, so we can deal with a lot more cold than this. Bring it on. This beats FL any time.

The cows and horses?… they went inside for a . . . → Read More: 29 December, 2009, 7ºF, a cold and blustery day

December 25, 2009 – A Sunny Day

The Neighborhood from across the farm field.

Christmas 2009

… and what about a photo of me too?

Good food here on a cold day.

Housing is not bad, where’s the food?

10 December, 2009

It is warm inside, but outside it is cold and windy. Good quality housing makes all the difference.

9 December, 2009 still snowing

Shoveling barely makes any difference.

It takes cold wet feet to get here