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banner day

Today has been a banner day at Nubi and it’s only 8 AM! Suzy arrived at the Common House rosy from attending to the cows in -2 degree cold. She announced that the full moon had been in perfect alignment with the road through Nubi and was such a glorious sight, she barely refrained from . . . → Read More: banner day

winter paradise for kids

This past weekend was a cohousing whirlwind of winter fun for our children.

Friday: our first annual neighborhood birthday celebration, which included outdoor scavenger hunt, indoor limbo contest and pina coladas, and a sumptuous community dinner.

Saturday and Sunday: ice skating on our pond, hot chocolate and movies with neighbors, community potluck in the Common . . . → Read More: winter paradise for kids

January 18, 2010 Clearing Winter Storm

Who needs Orlando, FL? Not us…

we have our own real Winter Wonderland

Got milk?

Jan 16, 2010. Rosy fingered dawn brings us a break today

It is above freezing point for the first time in weeks. Bring out the T shirts.

Nubi CSA Mtg

Title: Nubi CSA MtgLocation: Great RoomDescription: CSA member meetingStart Time: 16Date: 2010-01-03End Time: 17:30