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Another Young Nubi Rider

Another nice aerial shot of cohousing.

View from the north showing our homes, the farm and riding ring. (Photo by Emily Hague, Monadnock Conservancy)

swimming senoritas

Here’s a photo of the Crotched Mountain Six ready to make a 2011 budget request for an eight-passenger van.

Aerial Photo of Fall in Cohousing

The foreground of this photo shows our neighborhood, the farm fields, hoop house, chicken run, hayfield, cow and horse pastures, and some of our woods.

Aerial photo of the neighborhood from the southwest (Swift Corwin, Oct 13, 2010).

fox sparrow (maybe) & osprey (definitely)

Outside near my house about 11 a.m., I got distracted by a bird whistle I didn’t recognize. With binoculars in hand, I went searching for the source, and although I never managed to find it, I did enjoy spotting numerous birds that were mostly foraging down low — white-throated sparrows, yellow-rumped warblers, juncos, goldfinches, song . . . → Read More: fox sparrow (maybe) & osprey (definitely)

spring and fall all mixed up

What was this tiny gray wood frog doing in Mary’s colorful chrysanthemums? Usually we hear this little guy serenading us on spring nights. So out of place in this bright fall arrangement…..

fall harvest day

Saturday was a full day here, especially in the farm part of Nubanusit Neighborhood and Farm. We had a fall workday in the veggie fields, followed by a potluck lunch that took full advantage of our community-grown produce. Full fall colors in the trees and crisp blue skies helped set the tone.

. . . → Read More: fall harvest day