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Little River B & B features Nubi CSA in their blog

The Little River B & B, a short walk from our cohousing community, features our CSA in their blog, along with some photos. Check it out.

We’re glad to have them as neighbors and CSA members.

A typical mid-summer harvest share from Nubanusit Neighborhood

. . . → Read More: Little River B & B features Nubi CSA in their blog

Nubi riders welcome their newest horse

Horse friends hanging out.

“Highly Likely” pictured here on right with some 12 and 15 year old riders, is welcomed by all the Nubi Cohousing riders and their barnmates – JJ (on left), Squirt and Magic (in background). 

Neighborhood horses provide riding enjoyment both in the ring and on trail rides, companionship, learning about horse . . . → Read More: Nubi riders welcome their newest horse

pollinator heaven

From the perspective of pollinators, bee balm and buckwheat seem to be hot commodities at this time of year. Highly popular. As the bee balm in our yard has been flowering, it’s received near constant attention from hummingbirds, bumblebees, honeybees, and this incredible moth that looks and behaves remarkably like a hummingbird (see photos). And . . . → Read More: pollinator heaven