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Wood Frogs are Back

What a joy to return  and hear the wood frogs (March 20) this morning!

They are early.  My notes report that their arrival dates since 2009 have been April 15th, April 5th, April 11th (even though there was ice on the pond!), and now March 20th! A strange spring but welcome to the froggies. -B . . . → Read More: Wood Frogs are Back

Shoes & Coats

When I find myself aghast at the state of my foyer, I relax and remember how wonderful it is to have all these people (adults and kids) who have slipped off their shoes and coats to come visit.

Maple Syrup is Ready!

We had another great cohousing day around the fire and some very yummy syrup as the result of our efforts!

Hanging out by the evaporator.

I want to thank everyone who helped out all week, from setting taps, to collecting sap, freezing sap, brushing snow off  wood, building and tending the fire, figuring out . . . → Read More: Maple Syrup is Ready!