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Excerpt from Last Child in the Woods

Many of us at Nubi have been inspired by Richard Louv’s writings on the importance of unstructured play and outside exploration. Here are the initial paragraphs of the introduction to Last Child in the Woods (Copyright 2005 Louv); we invite you to follow the link to the rest of this excerpt on his website:

. . . → Read More: Excerpt from Last Child in the Woods

Heard on the Nubi path this week: Opportunities for learning?

Here are a few responses to the question: What opportunities for learning do you see for Nubi children?

Lara Neighborhood parent and professional play therapist

As a mom of a baby, Nubi counteracts isolation; I walk outside and there are people around the neighborhood to visit, or who stop by. And there are so many . . . → Read More: Heard on the Nubi path this week: Opportunities for learning?

School and Networks Local to Nubanusit Neighborhood & Farm

The Nubi kids have a wide variety of formal education experiences including homeschooling, public education and private schools. While they often keep tabs on who has a vacation day or gets an extra snow day, they are open to each family making its own choices about schooling, and supportive of each others’ learning.

Below . . . → Read More: School and Networks Local to Nubanusit Neighborhood & Farm

Growing up at Nubi

At first, I had no interest in moving to Nubanusit Neighborhood. I liked our old house, and from what I had seen of where we were moving, I didn’t like the new one. Through my 10-year-old eyes, I saw a dusty parking lot of construction vehicles and some fields filled with felled trees. This image . . . → Read More: Growing up at Nubi

Learning something new every day

by Catherine

My name is Catherine. I live at Nubanusit Neighborhood & Farm, fondly known as Nubi. I have lived at Nubi for over 4 years. Before, I lived just across town in Peterborough. I am 13 and in 8th grade. I go to a nearby school in Dublin. It is a 10-minute drive and . . . → Read More: Learning something new every day

Back-to-school season

Late August and it’s time for our “Back-to-School” issue—a good excuse to reflect on children and learning at Nubi Cohousing. With 18 children ranging in age from 1 to 16 living in the neighborhood, and at least two babies (!) expected this winter, plus frequent visits from grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and friends, we have . . . → Read More: Back-to-school season

CSA Cohousing Feast

Last night’s feast and party were fantastically fulfilling (not to mention filling). Although sponsored by the CSA in particular, the event was a showcase for our neighborhood as a whole, as we hosted many visitors from near and far.

I was particularly struck by how much we’ve accomplished with our community’s Farm — one of . . . → Read More: CSA Cohousing Feast