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Heard on the Path: Are you engaged in a visual art or craft at Nubi?

Dori demonstrates throwing a pot on a wheel

Dori I’ve been throwing pottery on and off for 14 years. (For the uninitiated, ‘throwing pottery’ is making pottery on a wheel, not breaking it against a wall.) I began throwing in Asheville, North Carolina, and when I moved to the Monadnock region, I continued taking classes . . . → Read More: Heard on the Path: Are you engaged in a visual art or craft at Nubi?

A Painting Life, Interview with Nancy

Nancy moved into Nubi about four years ago, around the time my family moved here too. I’ve loved getting to know Nancy and learning about her remarkable life and art. Born and raised in Medina, Ohio, Nancy is a talented musician and was initially a music teacher by profession. She raised two children in Ohio, . . . → Read More: A Painting Life, Interview with Nancy

Light & Land: Photo essay by Clive

For most of my adult life, my photography work has been for hire: professional portraits, photographs of artwork and architectural work. It was fun, and it supported my family.

Three years ago I moved to Nubi where I’m now able to do more landscape photography. I have the equipment (the world’s finest BetterLight digital . . . → Read More: Light & Land: Photo essay by Clive

Art Tour Journey

When the cooler sun drenched days of fall come to stay and summer is a memory, I think first of the bounty of our squash and pumpkin harvest. What could be more picturesque? I admire them drying out on pallets waiting for distribution. Surely, I could take original photos of these treasures. Or maybe I . . . → Read More: Art Tour Journey

Visual Arts at Nubi and the Monadnock Region

The first fall we moved to Nubi, a local landscape painter set up his easel near our entrance overlooking Nubanusit Brook, to capture the scene. The image leaves an indelible impression in our minds both of the beauty of the local landscape, and of the liveliness of the Monadnock visual arts scene.

Nubi itself is . . . → Read More: Visual Arts at Nubi and the Monadnock Region

Summer 2012 Riding Program

Everyone at Nubi loves the horses. Some people just like to watch them from a distance, grazing, and rolling and running in the paddocks. Other neighbors like to get much closer: to ride and care for them.

A growing number of Nubi kids and adults participate in Nubi’s informal summer riding program. Participants learn . . . → Read More: Summer 2012 Riding Program