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Light & Land: Photo essay by Clive

For most of my adult life, my photography work has been for hire: professional portraits, photographs of artwork and architectural work. It was fun, and it supported my family.

Three years ago I moved to Nubi where I’m now able to do more landscape photography. I have the equipment (the world’s finest BetterLight digital back used with a Deardorff view camera), the skills, and the time to pursue it.

My intention is to capture what exists at this moment in history, and to record it in a way that is interesting for present and future viewers. In a hundred years things will probably look very different. The Monadnock region offers the natural beauty for me to explore both great and intimate New England landscapes. I am grateful that many of the property owners in this area have given me access to their private views.

The following photos are part of a series of work called Light & Land. I am building this body of work to exhibit. Please visit where there is a link to more photographs.


Butterfly Leaves

Boulder and Brush

Mount Monadnock

Green Web Site

Road Less Traveled

White Dot Trail

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