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Summer 2012 Riding Program

Everyone at Nubi loves the horses. Some people just like to watch them from a distance, grazing, and rolling and running in the paddocks. Other neighbors like to get much closer: to ride and care for them.

A growing number of Nubi kids and adults participate in Nubi’s informal summer riding program. Participants learn to groom, tack up, muck the barn, feed the horses, and to ride. In exchange for lessons, riders help out with morning barn work on a regular schedule.Libby cantering on Jimmy Joe

First, let me introduce our equine participants. Squirt is an elderly gentleman, a small chestnut horse who heads up the herd, keeps them in line, and tells them when to move out to pasture and when to return. Jimmy Joe, a favorite with our young riders, is a reliable Connemara pony. He walks, trots, and canters, and loves to jump. Likely, a large Connemara mix, cheerfully carries the older, more experienced riders over jumps and around the arena. Ernesto, a visiting friend and former Hunter/Jumper national champion of Venezuela, rates Likely a fabulous trail horse as well. Finally, Magic, a tall appendix quarter horse is geared for the more advanced riders. He is a great trail horse and works with dressage riders as well.

Our four riding teachers, Sue, Barbara, Elsbeth(16), and Catherine(13), gave lessons to seven Nubi kids. Everyone improved their skills over the summer and had a nice time all the while. Libby and Hadleigh are cantering and starting to jump. Alex, Liam and Daniel have been walking and trotting. New Nubi residents, Gary and Theo, arrived in time for two lessons and are showing great promise.

Liam and Theo have continued helping with morning barn work, even though two of our steeds have left for their winter quarters. Kudos to them!

As for the adults, Richard and Sage were given lessons by their daughters to prepare for their Wyoming pack trip. Chris rode with her three boys. Katja had her first riding lesson ever, and ended up posting to the trot. Wow! Kim had a short ride on Likely. Ernesto went on a 3 hour trail ride.

All in all, we’ve had a great time working together and enjoying the fun of riding on our four patient and wonderful horses. I look forward to next summer!


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