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Holiday traditions in cohousing

Decorating gingerbread lanterns

How do we celebrate the holidays without succumbing to consumerism and making ourselves crazy? Holidays can be a major challenge for many reasons, chief among them for us has been the feeling that we’re going through the motions of celebration without engaging in the substance.

In founding and living in a cohousing community, we’ve made a conscious choice to live our lives more intentionally. For us, that has meant reflecting on how to honor traditions in ways that connect to the substance of celebration. Read our upcoming newsletter to learn about some of our ideas and experiences.

Living at Nubi makes it much easier to connect and celebrate in ways that feel authentic and home-grown. Drawing on different community members interests and talents, we’ve collectively evolved some Nubi traditions. While the holidays can still feel busy, these traditions have helped us pause and connect in the season.

So far Nubi traditions include:
• gingerbread house and lantern construction;
• a community-wide book discussion (last year we read and discussed Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Farmer Boy];
• swag-building using our own forest greens, cones, and the lovely yet unfortunately invasive bittersweet;
• an annual New Year’s contra dance;
• a community concert;
• a secret gift exchange;
• And, of course, cooking and eating together.

Please read upcoming blogs including an description of music at Nubi by the Tucker family and a neighbor’s account of raising pigs and cooking pork with members of the neighborhood “pig group.” Another neighbor reflects on “Five things I’ve learned in cohousing that have enriched my holidays,” and our “Heard on the Path” column includes neighbors’ strategies for navigating the holidays.

May the holidays bring warmth and peace. Warm regards, Sage & Richard

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