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Heard on the Path: Why did you decide to move to Nubi?


“For a long time I have recognized that I had a set of values, but not a day-to-day context in which to live those values. I wanted my actions and behaviors to flow from my values. I’ve accomplished that goal within my family and myself, but I was looking to extend it into my life within a community. In the past, I’ve been disappointed that the way I’ve “lived” my values in the communities I lived in was by arguing about them, or through conflict with others. I moved to Nubi to align my values with my actions and behavior, and it has been a happy choice for me.”


“No single thing stands out as the reason we moved to Nubi—it was a perfect storm! We wanted a place to raise our kids in a way we felt good about. Our daughter was about to start Kindergarten and we weren’t crazy about the bureaucracy in the school she would’ve attended where we were living. Peterborough Elementary, by contrast, was welcoming and had a good balance of valuing the arts and academics. The Monadnock region in general offers lots of arts and culture, great outdoors enjoyment, and small town living. We were interested in farming and knowing where our food comes from. At Nubi we benefit from a group of people who share that interest and have land dedicated to farming. We wanted to live closely with others, share things, have our kids know all our neighbors and be able to venture outdoors with lots of independence. All that—plus the green construction, the beauty of the site, the river—together these all drew us here.”

Carol K.

“I was ready for a change when I decided to move to Nubi. My son had recently left home in Boston, my ailing aunt had recently died and my work was winding down. I had always wanted to live in a cohousing community, but the right one had never presented itself to me. One that was just starting up like Nubi, gave me the opportunity to participate from the outset. In addition, conserving energy and trying out small town living motivated me. (I’d always lived in urban areas.) Peterborough is a great match because of its commitment to the arts. Living a more robust lifestyle next to a farm, while being less than 2 hours from Boston suits me perfectly, as I am half city and half country loving by nature.”


“I love the immediate access to nature. Without getting in a car, I can be in the woods within two minutes.”

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