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Real Estate – Values

With National Public Radio reporting that real estate is heating up even in mid-winter, inquiries through our website growing, and other good economic news, we’ve been reflecting on lessons learned from the recession and our hopes for the future.

Nubi kids enjoy the snow

People often ask us—as developers and as residents at Nubi—what it’s been like to finish this project at the point when the financial markets crashed. The answer is nuanced. Our experience has been very challenging and frustrating in some ways, but also has provided a long lesson in connecting and reconnecting with our values—with the reasons why we decided to pursue this project in the first place: to build high-quality, beautiful, energy-efficient homes, oriented in such a way to foster community, and preserving land for recreation, agriculture, and beauty.

Nubi homes in snow

While it may seem incongruous to talk about our “values” when discussing real estate and land use, one of our hopes for the future is that these realms move toward greater integration. Our culture has institutionalized disparate spheres of operation for our decisions. In the world of business, the “bottom-line” of short-term profit drives choices that we live with over the long term. We are interested in moving toward a more integrated, long-term, sustainable economic model, where considerations about people, the planet, and profit are all part of the equation.

In upcoming blog posts (and newsletter) this week, one of our neighbors has interviewed us about our experience developing Nubi and how we try to integrate our values into financial decision-making. We’ve also gathered information about local real estate and land use in the region. And, in Heard on the Path, we’ve asked neighbors why they moved to Nubi. We also have great news: a group of neighbors have purchased a two-bedroom home to rent to Farmer Todd (leaving only one Quad left for sale)! Finally, check out our events listing for the area, including our upcoming Open House Feb 3.

Warm regards, Sage & Richard

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