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Sappy with the promise of spring

Collecting sugar maple sap

Late winter at Nubi is full of promise. These warming days and cold nights create the perfect conditions for maple sap to begin running. We tap our sugar maples to make syrup; seedlings in the Nubi seed room sprout, offering the promise of green in the midst of lingering snow cover.

The arrival of transition and new life extends into our neighborhood news: We are celebrating the births of two infant boys in February. Baby Ambrose arrived in mid-February to his parents, Eartheart and Leaf, who are finishing up their Waldorf education certification at Antioch New England early this summer. Several days later, Baby Cirrus arrived, joining his brother and sister, Cadel and Senja, and their parents, Stacey and Justin.

Our newest neighbors

We are also pleased to announce that three new (adult) neighbors will be joining us in the coming months. The arrival of these new neighbors gives us occasion to celebrate and recognize yet another transition, Nubanusit Neighborhood & Farm is at last fully occupied.

As in all communities, we also experience loss. Both arrivals and departures are opportunities for reflection. How do we fulfill the promise of our lives? How do we live full, balanced, integrated lives in our time? At Waldorf Schools, where our daughters have been educated, the paradigm for describing a balanced life is one that includes use of the head, heart, and hands.

In upcoming blog posts (and the newsletter), we delve into how Nubi residents lead full and balanced lives. One neighbor has compiled a list of the many activities and organizations Nubi neighbors participate in. And we’ve developed three profiles of neighbors (Jim, Sue and Tom) whose interests take them in different and interesting directions. We hope this gives you a sense of how our lives in cohousing radiate into the world.

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