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Dust Baths

Spring is finally here, and it is time for dust baths.

Five things I’ve learned in co-housing that have enriched my holidays

One of the great things about co-housing for me is that neighbors often compensate or fill in for gaps in my own interests and abilities. Consider, for example, that my 9-year-old daughter lacked a costume with just a couple days to go before Halloween. She didn’t even have a concept yet, let alone a functioning . . . → Read More: Five things I’ve learned in co-housing that have enriched my holidays

Nubi Pig Club News & Holiday Recipes

When Ruth was an academic star at Princeton, U Michigan and MIT racking up degrees in mechanical and aerospace engineering, classmates might have voted her many things, but person most likely to lead her neighborhood pig group is not one of them. Sometimes, however, smarts and perseverance are needed in unexpected roles.

For Ruth, the . . . → Read More: Nubi Pig Club News & Holiday Recipes

Music can make a community . . . but only if a community makes music!

Justin and Stacey on violin and accordion for New Year's concert

Music is not hard to hear at Nubanusit Neighborhood and Farm (Nubi). Whether it be the sweet sound of a violin or flute in summer wafting from an open window, someone practicing on the Steinway in the Common House or jazz played on the . . . → Read More: Music can make a community . . . but only if a community makes music!

Holiday traditions in cohousing

Decorating gingerbread lanterns

How do we celebrate the holidays without succumbing to consumerism and making ourselves crazy? Holidays can be a major challenge for many reasons, chief among them for us has been the feeling that we’re going through the motions of celebration without engaging in the substance.

In founding and living in a . . . → Read More: Holiday traditions in cohousing

Summer 2012 Riding Program

Everyone at Nubi loves the horses. Some people just like to watch them from a distance, grazing, and rolling and running in the paddocks. Other neighbors like to get much closer: to ride and care for them.

A growing number of Nubi kids and adults participate in Nubi’s informal summer riding program. Participants learn . . . → Read More: Summer 2012 Riding Program

CSA Cohousing Feast

Last night’s feast and party were fantastically fulfilling (not to mention filling). Although sponsored by the CSA in particular, the event was a showcase for our neighborhood as a whole, as we hosted many visitors from near and far.

I was particularly struck by how much we’ve accomplished with our community’s Farm — one of . . . → Read More: CSA Cohousing Feast

Jumping Rope en Français

Two of our newest residents, Leaf and Eartheart, have been running a morning French camp for some of the neighborhood kids the past two weeks. They’ve all had a blast, and I’ve enjoyed listening to “… vingt-six, vingt-sept, vingt-huit …” floating in my window.