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Nubi Pig Club News & Holiday Recipes

When Ruth was an academic star at Princeton, U Michigan and MIT racking up degrees in mechanical and aerospace engineering, classmates might have voted her many things, but person most likely to lead her neighborhood pig group is not one of them. Sometimes, however, smarts and perseverance are needed in unexpected roles.

For Ruth, the . . . → Read More: Nubi Pig Club News & Holiday Recipes

CSA Cohousing Feast

Last night’s feast and party were fantastically fulfilling (not to mention filling). Although sponsored by the CSA in particular, the event was a showcase for our neighborhood as a whole, as we hosted many visitors from near and far.

I was particularly struck by how much we’ve accomplished with our community’s Farm — one of . . . → Read More: CSA Cohousing Feast

Signs of spring – canning practice and planting!

Two signs of spring: Group strawberry canning. Well, we were using frozen strawberries while learning a tremendous amount about canning and freezing and dehydrating. We want to be ready! Many thanks to Lisa Garcia for an informative and fun workshop.

Planting time. With help from Peter O and Sarah, we planted almost . . . → Read More: Signs of spring – canning practice and planting!

fall harvest day

Saturday was a full day here, especially in the farm part of Nubanusit Neighborhood and Farm. We had a fall workday in the veggie fields, followed by a potluck lunch that took full advantage of our community-grown produce. Full fall colors in the trees and crisp blue skies helped set the tone.

. . . → Read More: fall harvest day

2nd (annual?) Nubi campout & cookout

We did it last year. It was a lot of fun. So why not do it again?

Last night we had another wonderful cookout (complete with hot dog roasting, schmoozing around the fire, and eating s’mores), followed by a “campout” that consisted of pitching tents in our common and sleeping (sort of) under the stars. . . . → Read More: 2nd (annual?) Nubi campout & cookout

The Youngest Head Chef

Head Chef – Taco Night

When no adult was available to be the head chef for Thursday night dinner, one 11-yr old resident volunteered.  She set the menu, shopped, organized the crew, grated a lot of cheese and it was a success!  Here is a shot of her just before the food was devoured.

. . . → Read More: The Youngest Head Chef