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birdy morning

I couldn’t resist doing a birding loop around Nubi this morning. There was a lot to see/hear, but nothing really unusual and fewer warblers than I’d hoped. Fortunately there were some enjoyable highlights:

three (!) great blue herons on top of trees (!!!) near the start of the white dot trail a male turkey displaying . . . → Read More: birdy morning

Living full lives, a partial list of Nubi neighbor activities

I am continually amazed by the talents and diverse interests of my neighbors. So when I set out to explore how Nubi residents go about living full lives, I faced a challenge: How can I possibly capture the depth and breadth of everyone’s interests and commitments?

In addition to family and work obligations, neighbors . . . → Read More: Living full lives, a partial list of Nubi neighbor activities

birding morning

I haven’t given any Nubi birding updates in quite a while, and as it’s now high season for migrants and new arrivals setting up spring territory — prime-time for birding — here are some notes on my early-hours walk this morning. Highlights included:

— At the top of the horse pasture, a male scarlet tanager, . . . → Read More: birding morning

kestrel & other good birding

We haven’t succeeded yet in having kestrels nest at Nubi, but I’ve been thrilled in the last few days to see a male American Kestrel hanging out extensively around our farm field. I first saw him on top of the Tuckers’ house a couple days ago, and yesterday he was on our house at one . . . → Read More: kestrel & other good birding

wandering youth

An early spring visitor surprised me this morning. As I walked to the parking area here at NN&F, I was not actually birding and had no binoculars, but the cawing of several persistent crows got my attention and (fortunately) caused me to scan the trees.

Immediately the cause of the commotion was evident — midway . . . → Read More: wandering youth

fox sparrow (maybe) & osprey (definitely)

Outside near my house about 11 a.m., I got distracted by a bird whistle I didn’t recognize. With binoculars in hand, I went searching for the source, and although I never managed to find it, I did enjoy spotting numerous birds that were mostly foraging down low — white-throated sparrows, yellow-rumped warblers, juncos, goldfinches, song . . . → Read More: fox sparrow (maybe) & osprey (definitely)

visit from Donald Kroodsma — birdsong expert

Generally I try to avoid getting up at 5am on a Saturday, but I did so gladly last weekend when renowned birdsong expert Donald Kroodsma came to town and led an early morning outing to listen for birds at Nubanusit Neighborhood.

His visit was co-sponsored by the Harris Center for Conservation Education, and he gave . . . → Read More: visit from Donald Kroodsma — birdsong expert

fall birding action

Dori had tipped me off about a lot of bird activity in the alders behind her house, but I hadn’t had time to go look until this morning when I took a half-hour break to scan the edges of some yards and down by the river.

It was incredible. The trees and bushes were practically . . . → Read More: fall birding action


A couple evenings ago, Dori called to tell me she’d just heard an American Woodcock (aka “Timberdoodle”) in the neighborhood — she thought maybe it was in the direction of the hayfield. Then tonight as I walked back from dinner in the Common House and was approaching our house, I heard the woodcock’s . . . → Read More: timberdoodle!

winter birds abound

Yesterday (Jan 31) Johanna spotted a flock of birds across the field that looked different from what we usually see. The flock soon flew over and settled behind our house to forage for 20 minutes or so, revealing itself as about 30 Snow Buntings. A new bird for my life list! Here’s a photo (apologies . . . → Read More: winter birds abound