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Building Community: Interview with Sage & Richard

Richard, Sage, Elsbeth & Catherine in Wyoming

In the almost five years that I’ve gotten to know Richard and Sage, who are Nubi co-founders and neighbors, I’ve often heard them refer to the Nubi project with both exasperation and love. I finally got a chance to ask them to reflect at more length on a . . . → Read More: Building Community: Interview with Sage & Richard

wind power is here

We’ve installed solar panels, now it’s time for new sources of alternative energy….

Nub-Igloo, Nubi brew, and Boileriffic party

Some photos of last night’s festivities, including…..

A “Nub-Igloo”:


And our boileriffic party:

. . . → Read More: Nub-Igloo, Nubi brew, and Boileriffic party

putting the horse before the cart

We’ve really tried to have a pedestrian neighborhood, and that means no cars beyond the parking areas, but some people like to push the envelope…..

JJ pulls Barbara & Sue on a fall afternoon

energy savings

To prepare for talking with a reporter who was interested to know of any difference we may have seen in our heating and electricity costs after moving into a “green” home, I recently dug up bills from our last home and looked at our energy usage and costs there compared to here.

. . . → Read More: energy savings