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Sappy with the promise of spring

Collecting sugar maple sap

Late winter at Nubi is full of promise. These warming days and cold nights create the perfect conditions for maple sap to begin running. We tap our sugar maples to make syrup; seedlings in the Nubi seed room sprout, offering the promise of green in the midst of lingering snow cover. . . . → Read More: Sappy with the promise of spring

maple sugaring season is upon us

Spring must be coming — birds are starting to sing, and sap is starting to flow.

We’ve tapped a half-dozen sugar maples around the neighborhood, with plans for boiling our first batch of syrup on Sunday.

And I’ve learned that when you’re collecting the sap, it helps to have a partner along to help out:

. . . → Read More: maple sugaring season is upon us


March brought some good days for tapping our trees. Dori scouted out appropriate sugar maples, a crew bought the equipment, drilled and set up the buckets.

Sap ran immediately, and soon there was 40 gallons in a brand new trash barrel.

Kids building a fairy house under one of . . . → Read More: Sugaring