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birdy morning

I couldn’t resist doing a birding loop around Nubi this morning. There was a lot to see/hear, but nothing really unusual and fewer warblers than I’d hoped. Fortunately there were some enjoyable highlights:

three (!) great blue herons on top of trees (!!!) near the start of the white dot trail a male turkey displaying . . . → Read More: birdy morning

Real Estate Pulse in the Monadnock Region

Visitors to our cohousing neighborhood are occasionally curious about real estate in general in our region. I’ve gathered together facts and impressions as we begin 2013.

Where’s the interest? As has been widely reported, real estate sales nationally are on the increase. In New Hampshire, unit sales were up 22% at the end of 2012 . . . → Read More: Real Estate Pulse in the Monadnock Region

Building Community: Interview with Sage & Richard

Richard, Sage, Elsbeth & Catherine in Wyoming

In the almost five years that I’ve gotten to know Richard and Sage, who are Nubi co-founders and neighbors, I’ve often heard them refer to the Nubi project with both exasperation and love. I finally got a chance to ask them to reflect at more length on a . . . → Read More: Building Community: Interview with Sage & Richard

Heard on the Path: Why did you decide to move to Nubi?


“For a long time I have recognized that I had a set of values, but not a day-to-day context in which to live those values. I wanted my actions and behaviors to flow from my values. I’ve accomplished that goal within my family and myself, but I was looking to extend it into my . . . → Read More: Heard on the Path: Why did you decide to move to Nubi?

Real Estate – Values

With National Public Radio reporting that real estate is heating up even in mid-winter, inquiries through our website growing, and other good economic news, we’ve been reflecting on lessons learned from the recession and our hopes for the future.

Nubi kids enjoy the snow

People often ask us—as developers and as residents at Nubi—what . . . → Read More: Real Estate – Values

Evolution of the Nubi Cohousing Farm

The farm at Nubi comes alive in early summer: dewy, early morning harvests, exuberant pigs moving to fresh ground, the scent of fresh cut hay. While farming has been a centerpiece of the Nubi vision from the beginning, its form and organization are works in process. Fortunately, the farm’s evolution has given rise to some . . . → Read More: Evolution of the Nubi Cohousing Farm

we welcome all

We welcome all sorts of visitors here at Nubi. Some decide to stay. Others move on, apparently happy to stick with their current housing.

kestrel & other good birding

We haven’t succeeded yet in having kestrels nest at Nubi, but I’ve been thrilled in the last few days to see a male American Kestrel hanging out extensively around our farm field. I first saw him on top of the Tuckers’ house a couple days ago, and yesterday he was on our house at one . . . → Read More: kestrel & other good birding

return of the otter

Nearly three years to the day after an otter was first spotted in our neighborhood pond, we had another otter (perhaps the same?) visiting for several hours on Saturday. Sue first informed me of its presence in the morning, and before long, the otter had many admirers, young and old.

It was s drizzly . . . → Read More: return of the otter

sidewalk chalk

Some of the kids recently had a spurt of spontaneous sidewalk art-making, so I just thought I’d post a photo….. Seeing their drawings on the roads here is one of my favorite things about being in a pedestrian neighborhood.