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birdy morning

I couldn’t resist doing a birding loop around Nubi this morning. There was a lot to see/hear, but nothing really unusual and fewer warblers than I’d hoped. Fortunately there were some enjoyable highlights:

three (!) great blue herons on top of trees (!!!) near the start of the white dot trail a male turkey displaying . . . → Read More: birdy morning

return of the otter

Nearly three years to the day after an otter was first spotted in our neighborhood pond, we had another otter (perhaps the same?) visiting for several hours on Saturday. Sue first informed me of its presence in the morning, and before long, the otter had many admirers, young and old.

It was s drizzly . . . → Read More: return of the otter

wind power is here

We’ve installed solar panels, now it’s time for new sources of alternative energy….

car-free = good for turtles

Since moving here a couple years ago, I’ve enjoyed seeing some wonderful wildlife on and around the property, but also been surprised by a few big misses — creatures that’ve been noticeably absent. Turtles have been high on that list for me. Even with our river and pond and wetlands, I had not seen a . . . → Read More: car-free = good for turtles

Sunday skating

Skating yesterday afternoon made shoveling off the pond in the morning well worth it. It looked a little rough, but was great once out on the surface. The neighborhood kids were all skating great (or riding in a laundry basket), and there was enough room and people for an impromptu hockey game. We were out . . . → Read More: Sunday skating