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birdy morning

I couldn’t resist doing a birding loop around Nubi this morning. There was a lot to see/hear, but nothing really unusual and fewer warblers than I’d hoped. Fortunately there were some enjoyable highlights:

three (!) great blue herons on top of trees (!!!) near the start of the white dot trail a male turkey displaying . . . → Read More: birdy morning

birding morning

I haven’t given any Nubi birding updates in quite a while, and as it’s now high season for migrants and new arrivals setting up spring territory — prime-time for birding — here are some notes on my early-hours walk this morning. Highlights included:

— At the top of the horse pasture, a male scarlet tanager, . . . → Read More: birding morning

sidewalk chalk

Some of the kids recently had a spurt of spontaneous sidewalk art-making, so I just thought I’d post a photo….. Seeing their drawings on the roads here is one of my favorite things about being in a pedestrian neighborhood.

summer bounty

In the upper horse pasture, there’s a large compost pile that (I think) was placed up there last fall. This summer it burst forth with an abundance of large sunflowers and gangly squash-type plants. It’s a gorgeous sight to come upon this colorful mound after walking up the hill.

We went exploring up there . . . → Read More: summer bounty

winter birds abound

Yesterday (Jan 31) Johanna spotted a flock of birds across the field that looked different from what we usually see. The flock soon flew over and settled behind our house to forage for 20 minutes or so, revealing itself as about 30 Snow Buntings. A new bird for my life list! Here’s a photo (apologies . . . → Read More: winter birds abound

NN&F is the center of the world

This morning, I went for a long walk with Lila and Xan. We started up through the hayfield, went into the woods, then followed the perimeter of the Nubi property until we were near the top of the horse/llama pasture where we cut back down the hill to get home. Before we started, . . . → Read More: NN&F is the center of the world

birds galore

Okay, the people are nice, and there are environmentally beautiful buildings and all, but I’ll admit one of the main things that drew me here is the birdlife. There’s just a wonderful variety of habitat immediately accessible out the front (or back) door. Yesterday and this morning I took 20-minute walks to do some quick . . . → Read More: birds galore

prickly neighbors

We’ve been here just under a week, and I finally took a good long walk last night up into the fields and pasture and through the woods a bit. A little before 8pm, as I followed the wheel tracks skirting the edge of the hayfield, a porcupine lumbered out from the woods just in front of . . . → Read More: prickly neighbors