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Building Community: Interview with Sage & Richard

Richard, Sage, Elsbeth & Catherine in Wyoming

In the almost five years that I’ve gotten to know Richard and Sage, who are Nubi co-founders and neighbors, I’ve often heard them refer to the Nubi project with both exasperation and love. I finally got a chance to ask them to reflect at more length on a . . . → Read More: Building Community: Interview with Sage & Richard

Real Estate – Values

With National Public Radio reporting that real estate is heating up even in mid-winter, inquiries through our website growing, and other good economic news, we’ve been reflecting on lessons learned from the recession and our hopes for the future.

Nubi kids enjoy the snow

People often ask us—as developers and as residents at Nubi—what . . . → Read More: Real Estate – Values

we welcome all

We welcome all sorts of visitors here at Nubi. Some decide to stay. Others move on, apparently happy to stick with their current housing.

return of the otter

Nearly three years to the day after an otter was first spotted in our neighborhood pond, we had another otter (perhaps the same?) visiting for several hours on Saturday. Sue first informed me of its presence in the morning, and before long, the otter had many admirers, young and old.

It was s drizzly . . . → Read More: return of the otter

pollinator heaven

From the perspective of pollinators, bee balm and buckwheat seem to be hot commodities at this time of year. Highly popular. As the bee balm in our yard has been flowering, it’s received near constant attention from hummingbirds, bumblebees, honeybees, and this incredible moth that looks and behaves remarkably like a hummingbird (see photos). And . . . → Read More: pollinator heaven

spring and fall all mixed up

What was this tiny gray wood frog doing in Mary’s colorful chrysanthemums? Usually we hear this little guy serenading us on spring nights. So out of place in this bright fall arrangement…..

car-free = good for turtles

Since moving here a couple years ago, I’ve enjoyed seeing some wonderful wildlife on and around the property, but also been surprised by a few big misses — creatures that’ve been noticeably absent. Turtles have been high on that list for me. Even with our river and pond and wetlands, I had not seen a . . . → Read More: car-free = good for turtles

Nubi Natural History Museum

Nubi Explorers created a Nature Museum exhibit for the Common House playroom, featuring many of the treasures we’ve found since we moved into Nubanusit Neighborhood. Displayed treasures include birds’ nests, deer bones, and snake skins, as well as rusted farm tools and even a key fob from the old Salzburg Inn.

Nubi Natural History . . . → Read More: Nubi Natural History Museum

fall birding action

Dori had tipped me off about a lot of bird activity in the alders behind her house, but I hadn’t had time to go look until this morning when I took a half-hour break to scan the edges of some yards and down by the river.

It was incredible. The trees and bushes were practically . . . → Read More: fall birding action

winter birds abound

Yesterday (Jan 31) Johanna spotted a flock of birds across the field that looked different from what we usually see. The flock soon flew over and settled behind our house to forage for 20 minutes or so, revealing itself as about 30 Snow Buntings. A new bird for my life list! Here’s a photo (apologies . . . → Read More: winter birds abound